Fiberglass Pools

Summer is about to get a whole lot better. At Easy Living Pools, it’s easier than you think to create your backyard pool oasis. With over 25 years in the pool business, we have fine-tuned our process to make for a smooth, enjoyable, and stress-free experience.

When it comes to pools, there really is only one team to partner with—Easy Living Pools. For over 25 years, we’ve been chosen again and again for our expertise in fiberglass and vinyl liner pool installations. We have partnered with Thursday Pools and Imagine Pools, two leading manufacturers of pool shells, to offer unrivaled selection with superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and durability. Combining technological advancements with practiced expertise, Easy Living Pools remains on the cutting edge of product development in order to consistently deliver superior results with a straightforward installation process.

Today, fiberglass pools have become a clear favorite, combining durability with minimal maintenance. Perfect for both novice and experienced pool owners, a fiberglass pool will give your family and friends many years of enjoyment.

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools and an Easy Living Pools Installation

  • Efficiency, with no long, drawn-out waiting periods.
  • Durability that is strong enough to handle rigorous activity, even with children and dogs.
  • Compatibility with saltwater systems, a system growing in popularity given proven health benefits. We can help with this, too.
  • User-friendly enough to never require any refinishing, ever.
  • Little maintenance. Without any need for regular brushing or even toxic chemicals
  • No interference with water pH levels, so there’s less time spent checking the water.
  • Energy-efficient, less electricity required
  • Algae-repellant, saving you thousands in cleaning bills by naturally repelling troublesome algae growth.
  • On-site inventory. Thanks to our long-standing partnership, we are proud to offer an on-site inventory that you can view in-person before your pool is installed in your yard.
  • Quick delivery. Our manufacturers maintain huge domestic distribution hubs that ensure our inventory includes the industry’s best and brightest pool shells and accessories for your new backyard project.
  • Safety precautions, like perimeter fencing, that our team will custom-fit to your pool to keep little ones out of the water unsupervised.
  • Affordable and appealing to all budgets with flexible terms and customizations.
  • With no need for expensive and time-consuming replastering and resurfacing, your money can go to fun extras instead of cumbersome requisites.

Your new pool installation will undergo a two-part process of both design and installation. After you have met with the team in our Columbus Design Center to custom-design your new fiberglass pool, it will be constructed off-premises within a manufacturing facility. Unlike other pools, like concrete or vinyl liner pools that are assembled in stages, fiberglass pools only require a couple of weeks to install. Created from a single piece, a fiberglass pool does not use the puzzle-like formation of its counterparts.

How Your Fiberglass Pool is Constructed

  • A mold is created from fiberglass to fit your pool and then reinforced.
  • When creating the mold, bits of fiberglass are pieced together to create your custom shape. To hold these pieces together, and also maintain the integrity of the design, either polyester resin or vinyl ester resin is used.
  • A gel coat is then applied to create a smooth surface, ultimately serving as the bottom of your new pool.
  • Vinyl ester, a waterproof material which locks out water, is applied to preserve the gel coat.

With our full inventory on-site in Columbus, Ohio, we welcome you to schedule an appointment today and see for yourself the beauty of our pools!