Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural to have questions when embarking on such a large project. We’ve compiled some of our top tips and details to aid you in this process!

Have more questions? Our team will walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you are both comfortable and confident as we move into the installation process!

At Easy Living Pools, we want to give our clients the very best, so we recommend fiberglass pools for their incredible durability, affordability, and beauty. They bring a level of comfort and performance that surpasses other types of pools.
A fiberglass pool may require a greater upfront investment, but it pays off quickly in what you will save from cleaning, maintenance, and supplies.
Maintenance is an important part of pool ownership, so it’s vital to know what’s involved before you decide on your new pool. Vinyl liner pools require a bit more maintenance and expense than fiberglass pools because of their porous surface. Just like concrete pools, they are less resistant to harmful mold, mildew, and even bacteria. In order to combat these issues and safeguard your pool, you will need to be vigilant about regular maintenance to include regular brushing and neutralizing chemicals.

Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, require far less maintenance. The gel coat preserves the quality of your water and prevents most algae and bacteria so there’s less brushing. A fiberglass pool will also save on your electric bill because it requires far less filtration from your pool pump. With less maintenance and fewer expenses, your fiberglass pool will last far longer and offer a more attractive aesthetic to your property.

No! The beauty of fiberglass is that it is manufactured specifically for a seamless installation process. Instead of a liner, fiberglass pools are composed of a unique blend of corrosive-resistant vinyl ester and polyester resin that offers both quality and durability that you can depend on.
No! We know that there are many factors at play with a new swimming pool, so we offer complimentary in-home estimates with our experienced and professional team. Our assessment will include any necessary fees for the required permits, and we'll even file them for you, too!
Glad you asked! Specifically designed to handle swimming pool installations, KeyBank offers affordable loan solutions with fixed rates and flexible terms. Enjoy your pool for an entire year before making a payment!
The value of a pool relative to when the home is put on the real estate market depends on many factors. Swimming pools are undoubtedly a popular and beneficial feature for your property. At the time you choose to sell your home, if your pool is in good condition, it can appeal to many buyers.
We want to be clear about this phase of the installation. The excavation process is extensive. Given the size of your new pool, there is considerable preparation that will need to take place in order to make room. It may be a bit of an eyesore at first, but we assure you it is only a temporary part of the process.
You have your choice of a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors for your custom pool. We also offer exciting features and fun upgrades, like lighting packages and water features!
Absolutely! We will schedule a personal tour of our facilities, where you can meet our staff and enjoy a free consultation at our on-site Design Center. We will take the time to walk you through the basics and explain your options in a way that you can understand. Together, we’ll create an ideal custom design that best suits your property and your family!
Certain permits are required for swimming pools in Ohio, but there’s no reason to worry! Our team at Easy Living Pools is experienced in local laws and requirements, so we will handle all of the details for you. With all of your permits taken care of, you can focus on the fun stuff, like designing your personal oasis!
Yes. Whether you have small children or even pets, it can be imperative to install a fence around your pool. At Easy Living Pools, we’re invested in your family’s safety, so we specialize in custom fencing no matter the size or shape of your pool.
On average, it takes 8-10 weeks and will vary based on the size and scope of project.